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So that everyone can use Spinataque without limits and with all the active features, we have created four different plans. For sure, one of them will be the most adequate for your needs. Even after acquiring one of the plans, you can migrate to a higher or lower plan at any time, without any problem.


1 month


  • Expires in 1 month
  • 1 Computer
Pay in 12 installments


1 month


  • Expires in 1 month
  • 2 Computers
Pay in 12 installments


1 month


  • Expires in 1 month
  • 3 Computers
Pay in 12 installments


1 months


  • Expires in 1 months
  • 4 Computers
Pay in 12 installments

Opinions from Our users'

I have been using Spinataque since 2017 my only regret is not knowing about this system sooner. You have thought of everything and more. Luis Domingos, Portugal

In 60 days I made over 260% profit. This extra money really came in handy. Thanks to the Spinataque developers.

Ronald Lima, Brazil

I confess that I love playing, but I never had the courage to bet more than €0,10 ( Laughs ). With Spinataque I feel safe and bet bigger amounts. I've had good results. Thank you.

Tânia Cardoso, Portugal

I deposited $250 in the casino you indicated and in 3 hours I won $1890. The program is great. I recommend it.

William Briam, London

The support is outstanding. They never leave me without an answer. Since I have to travel constantly, I have 2 licenses and use Spinataque everywhere. I recommend it.

Carla Magalhães, Brazil

I won over $5,000 in one night playing at the casino listed here on your site. Thank you very, very much.

Diogo Alexandro, Argentina

I have been using Spinataque for more than two years, I recently joined the TRF License Market, besides making great profits in the casinos, I can earn more than 300€ per month selling the TRF Licenses to Europe. This helps me a lot. Thank you.

Ana Sampaio, Brazil

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