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How to Install Spinataque:

The installation file comes Spinataque compressed with WINRAR. First you need to have WINRAR installed on your PC. If not you can download it directly from the official website CLICK HERE.

- After installing winrar, save it on your desktop, the file that was sent to your email.
      Demo version = Spinataque_Demo_v5-2013.rar
      Full version = SpinAtaque_Full_v5-2013.rar

- Make-click on this file will open the Winrar for the installation file Spinataque be unpacked. If it appears the proposed purchase of the option to use winrar CLOSE.

- - Click the button EXTRACT TO located on the top bar of winrar. A new window will appear. Simply click OK and after decompression close Winrar. Ready the installation files Spinataque unzipped and are ready for use in your desktop folder that was created. Spinataque_Demo_v5-2013 or SpinAtaque_Full_v5-2013.rar

- Make two clicks on this new folder and locate the program SETUP.EXE note that there is another compressed file, not unzip this file it will be unpacked automatically.

- If you are active in your Windows control of user accounts Windows will ask your permission to install new software, just responsa YES. Then a blue screen will appear with the icon of a computer, asking if would like to proceed with the installation, respond OK.

- It will then be a new screen with two options: the first (BEGIN THE instalation), which contains an icon of a PC is to install the program in your default directory. At the bottom there is another button titled CHANGE DIRECTORY which is used if you want to install Spinataque in another directory other than the default. Use the first option. Click the icon of the PC.

- Click in CONTINUE and the installation starts when finished click OK and ready.

- To use Spinataque go BEGIN > ALL PROGRAMS > Look for the folder SPINATAQUE Icon and click on the snake. Then choose the language you want.

Functions Spinataque:

- (1) OPENING BALANCE: This field serves to inform your initial balance at the casino. Without informing this value system does not start and all other functions are desabilidadas.

- (2) START: Adjust the program to the beginning of a new section of moves.

- (3) BET INITIAL: It is the initial value of each bet. By default the value is 1. Depending on your profits or Predas and balance in the casino, the system will automatically suggest that increase or decrease this value.

- (4) VALUE OF BETS: This option refers to the value of betting following the initial bet and reflects directly in the profits of a bet. Exitsem three possible ways:

      • Nornal: The player will get between 1 and 2 tokens profit. (Defaut. Safer).
      • Averange: The player will get approximately 3 to 4 chips profit. (Risky).
      • High: The player will get more than 4 sheet profit. (Used only by who possesses high balance).

- (5) GAME MODE: With this option, a gambler determines the degree of accuracy for indications of moves. Exitem three possible ways:

      • Nornal: The system will indicate played with about a 40% chance. (Default. Safer).
      • Precision: The system will indicate thrown more than 50% chance. (Delayed).
      • Aggressive: The system will indicate shots with less than 30% chance. (Faster but risky).

- (6) SEE BETS IN MODE: There are two ways for a player to receive indications of betting and to know where, how and how much to bet:

      • Graphic: The system will display the information in graph mode. (Simpler).
      • Text: The system will display the information in text mode. (Contains more information).

- (7) ALTERNATE BETS: There are casinos that do not allow spin the wheel without betting anything. For this, the bettor can bet 1 chip on red numbers and one more is in the numbers or black; Betting 1 record in even numbers and 1 plug in odd numbers or even; Betting 1 record in box 1 to 18 and 1 record in home 19 to 36. This will not make any profit the bettor does not win or lose, only gain time until the Spinataque obtain a sufficient amount of results to indicate the começão moves. It can happen to the number of ZERO and the bettor will lose 2 chips, but always recovers consegirá them. However there are casinos that besides not allowing spin the wheel without betting, do not accept this type of bet (2 chips). In this case we must use the alternative bets. The system will indicate thrown more than 3 records where the bettor can make a profit or not. At that serves to gain time until the Spinataque have sufficient results to begin to indicate more precise shots.

- (8) SEND: Used to report the number that was drawn in casino roulette. The player after learning that he won the number in roulette casino, mark this number on the table consists of numbers 0-36 located just above this button and click SEND for the system to process and tell the bettor to do. Attention, after sending a number is how to fix it. If a player mistakenly sent a result, will not fix it and could destabilize the system and cause it to indicate flanges moves. This will inevitably cause losses. The same will happen if the player fails to dial a number. LEAVE A player can make a bet for that, being in graphical mode, if the player does not make a bet decider just click on the square of the bet being sujerida that the system asks if you want to cancel that bet. However the player should never dial numbers wrong or fail to score some number.

- (9) CLEAR:This button resets the system and resets all accumulated data. Should be used if a player has been aware that sent a wrong result or no longer dial a number.

- (10) VIEW STATISTICS BY GROUP: The Spinataque divides Roulette is a casino in 9 groups of numbers and count the number of times that a Group left. It is extremely useful for an experienced player to make their own bets.

- (11) VIEW STATISTICS OF NUMBERS: With this option a gambler can know how many times a particular number came out or is no exit. It is also widely used by experienced players to make their own moves.

- (12) VALUE IN GAME: This is an information field that indicates how much is at play on the roulette table.

- (13) EXPECTED GAIN: This is an information field that indicates the bettor to win he will have if your bets are the winners.

- (14) CURRENT BALANCE: This is an informational field that tells the bettor how much your balance is already deducting losses at the casino, adding gains and subtracting the value that is on the table relating to betting in progress.

- (15) CURRENT PROFIT: This is an informational field of profit on bets.

- (16) SETTING THE CURRENT BALANCE: Sometimes the player performs prórpias Their moves independently from Those Indicated by Spinataque or decide to bet more or less chips than the amount the Spinataque suggests. This makes the balance in the casino does not coincide with That Indicated by the system. If the bettor want to adjust this value so that it is equal to the casino, just use this field and fill in the amount that is in the casino. After doing so the system readjusts to the current balance.

Outside the Spinataque these functions also has three zones that are used for alerts and warnings. A yellow area where the alerts appear more relevant. A green area, where it is displayed actions that the player must accomplish and a gray area that appears in the middle of the screen with critical information and warnings.

All alerts and actions are not completed does not cause interruption of the progress of the game. The bettor must read these alerts and the decision whether or not to continue playing to be taken by the bettor. The system only warns of what would be more correct to do but does not prevent or alter the results if the player does not follow them.

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