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Some frequently asked questions about Spinataque are posted here.

Some common questions about Spinataque:

The Spinataque is illegal?
- Not in any way. The Spinataque is just a computer program statistics, as well as the Euromillions, lottery etc ... Any player can take advantage of this information to make their bets and not really the Holy House fails to pay the premiums.

I'll always win even a lot of money and with this program?
- The Spinataque was created in order to make a player earn a minimum per day. This value depends on your initial deposit. Since Spinataque try to control your balance at the casino, win big in one day is almost impossible. What we suggest is that if a player sign at various casinos and try on each one, earning between 20 and 30 euros per day. Thus, your chances of obtaining an excellent performance at the end of the month is almost certain. We can not say at all that a player will always get the win or that the results are 100% guaranteed, nor is it our purpose. The Spinataque as we said, it increases your chances of hitting a play roulette, however, we are talking about game and as such, always run the risk of winning or losing.

The Spinataque works on all online casinos?

- No, as we said, the Spinataque tested in hundreds of casinos, including the best and largest online casinos in the world. In the great majority, the results were very good, others not so much. We advise that before betting real money is in which online casino is, the test mode Spinataque Free casino where to play. We try to keep an updated list of casinos where the Spinataque tested. You can find this list on the website BEST ONLINE CASINOS

Spinataque can use any type of roulette?
- You can, but the most suitable is the European roulette. The other types of roulette has increased and the difficulties that must be avoided are the live roulette.

There are no casinos that lets you rotate the wheel without betting. How do I do in this case?
- It's simple, bet 1 chip on red and 1 on black sheet or in pairs bet 1 chip and 1 chip in more odd. With this you do not win or lose and only saves time and repeat this kind of move until the Spin have sufficient results to indicate the start moves. It can happen to give ZERO and lose two chips, but always able to recover.

If I buy Spinataque as you deliver them?
- The Spinataque is delivered safely to your email. The entire transaction is duly registered by PAYPAL which guarantees you 100% guarantee on delivery. The entire process from ordering to delivery is automated and 100% secure. In over 5 years never had any complaint not fulfill or fail to deliver the Spinataque. We deliver the Spinataque the attached file in your email within 48 hours.

If I use Spinataque play in casinos listed and lose, you return the money?
- Unfortunately not. Playing at online casinos as well as buy Spinataque playing in a casino or indicated by us is your choice, we can not really know if a player has won or lost playing in a casino using Spinataque. So do not do returns or refunds for whatever the reason. strongly advised to think and ponder whether to actually purchase the Spinataque or play in a casino. The Spinataque is not infallible and not in responsabilzamos for any losses or gains made by players.

The Spinataque is infallible?, I always win? How it works?
- The Spinataque is just a tool for tomda decisions. It is based on statistical Calculations to indicate the moves most likely not siguinifica with this, they are right, it only indicates the likely moves. The decision to make a move, it is always the player. Being a statistics tool and moves likely indicate the spinataque possesses a margin of error that can vary from casino to casino. We can not give assurance that a player will always win, there are many factors that influence the results and each casino must be viewed in a particular way. It is recommended that test autamente Casino Fun Play mode before betting real money.

Do you guarantee results using Spinataque to play roulette in the casino?
- Do not, under any circumstances. The responsibility for acquiring Spinataque and playing in a casino is yours, and the results obtained by you, win or lose with Spinataque is your responsibility, not responsible for the resulados obtained, nor reimburse players for any loss or ask about commissions gains. The decision to purchase the Spinataque and assume the risks of playing a casino, are unique and exclusive to players. Use Spinataque a casino and follow their instructions is your decision.

How can I do to buy Spinataque?

- For safety, convenience, privacy and keep your anonymity, Spinataque is sold exclusively via PayPal or Neteller. Both forms are portfolios of credit institutions and are highly credible and deividamente authorized to make purchases via the Internet. With these loan portfolios, you have many advantages and can use it not only to purchase the full version of spinataque, but you can also use to play in casinos. There are several forms of payment and is not required to use your credit card. If you do not have PayPal or Neteller account, you can create a totally free account by clicking on one of the banners below:

Create your free PayPal account and get the Full Version of Spinataque and win at roulette.          To create a free account with NETELLER or more information - Click Here

Can I install the system on more than one computer?
- No, the license is Spinataque single transferable. All copies of Spinataque is properly recorded and controlled by serial numbers unique to each buyer. © Spinataque is a program with copyright. Their reproduction, marketing or sale is totally prohibited. Only SPINATAQUE ® can resell or authorize a new installation of the software. If you need to reinstall Spinataque, just send us an email and request the new facility explaining why you want to reinstall Spinataque. Only after autorizarmos, can you perform a new installation. Otherwise, the version you purchased will not work. The Spinataque was developed for computers with Windows XP or higher.

How can I be sure that the Spinataque really work?
- As noted earlier, there is no system to win at roulette 100% reliable. Not for roulette for no other type of game, and whoever says the contrary'll be lying. As we said, we are talking about game and as such, we can always win or lose. It is not our intention with this software, encouraging the game, just create a tool monida various algorithms, trying in various ways and increase their chances of winning at roulette online casinos, reduce their risks and control impulses of not knowing time to stop. We have thus achieved our goal. Are countless reports of users who can actually win Spinataque high values ​​in a few minutes, others playing in 3, 4 and up to 5 simultaneous casinos that successfully won over 2,000 euros per month. However, the risk of losing should never be disregarded.

What are the most recommended online casinos to use Spinataque and win at Roulette?
- The starting any casino, but ha to take into account several criteria in order to evaluate a good casino. Honesty, premiums, forms and rules in order to raise premiums earned, the bonus rule, degree of difficulty, etc..
on site MELHORES CASINOS publish a monthly list of the most suitable. This list serves merely for consultation and assistance in choosing. However if you play in a casino usually not included in that our list, simply test it in free mode with Spinataque.

The Spinataque is just a system of probabilities, where the PLAYER passes the results on the roulette and the system indicates the moves more LIKELY. Perform these moves or not is a decision that the player must take alone. The spinataque should be seen as a tool of decision making where the punter after his EXPERIENCE, VISION OF THE GAME, THE BALANCE AND AWARE CASINO GAME ROULETTE, decides whether or not to bet on moves indicated in one or more. The responsibility for acquiring spinataque whether or DEMO FULL either version, the BOA using the program as well as the RESULTS obtained with it, who is always the purchase.

We offer a DEMO version only for the users to understand how the program works and not to actually use real money. It is a very limited version that does not bring all their resources. The demo version is limited to the number of moves, time of use, functions, algorithms, etc. types of moves. Because of these limitations, clearly warned about the risk of using real money with it.

Still use caution as the full version, even this version to complete, is not 100% reliable. As stated above, the system is a spinataque probabilities and has yes error margins. The proper use of the system depends heavily on several factors like balance in the casino, roulette type, value bets, player experience, atenão passing results, player's ambition, patience, etc..

The spinataque actually increases the chances of a player hits a shot but does not guarantee the result. We are talking about game and as such, always run the risk of winning or losing. The tool proposed here should be seen as a support tool, which indicates the best shots. We want to make it clear that there is no tool, method, system, scheme, trick, tip, etc.. that is 100% safe, anyone who promises this will be clearly lying.

We have numerous reports of players who earn a lot of money with the use of BOM spinataque, but we know that the MAU associated with use of this product greed of wanting to become a millionaire, makes some players actually lose money. Playing in a casino, regardless of game type, but can be a rewarding experience and that in fact, if the bettor to choose a good casino can have fantastic profits .. Betting real money using the same spinataque should be a decision made with COMMON SENSE and during the game the player must always keep its balance, avoiding always want to win.


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