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How to purchase the full version of Spinataque

There are 2 ways to buy the full version of Spinataque:

1) PAYPAL: for created your free account in Paypal, CLICK HERE

2) NETELLER: for created your free account in Neteller, CLICK HERE

Upon confirmation of payment, will be sent to your email, the link with the permission so you can download the full Spinataque.

Shipping is not immediate and may take up to 72 hours to process your order and send you the link to download.

We strongly recommend that you read the below Terms and Conditions for Spinataque use. Although this software increase your chances of winning at roulette, we should warn that the system is not 100% safe and play at an online casino may cause losses.

The values are relative to a single license, a license is only for a computer. If you want to install the full Spinataque on more than one computer, you must adiquirir additional licenses.

Buy with PayPal
Buy Spinataque - Paypal
The process is automatic, just choose the currency
and click the button Buy Now

For created your free account in Paypal, CLICK HERE

CURRECY First License * Additional License
€ - EUR - Euros
License - Spinataque Full - (EUR)
Additional License - (EUR)
US$ - USD - Dolares
License - Spinataque Full - (USD)
Additional License - (USD)
* Additional licenses can only be acquired by those who already have the first license.

Buy with Neteller
Buy Spinataque - Neteller
Login to your account Neteller and only transfers to our account:
the value shown below in the currency you want to use.

For created your free account in Neteller, CLICK HERE

CURRECY First License * Additional License
€ - EUR - Euros € 25 € 15
US$ - USD - Dolares US$ 30 US$ 20
* Additional licenses can only be acquired by those who already have the first license.

Terms and Conditions
Before purchasing Spinataque, we advise you to read the questions and answers ( Page Doubts ).

Keep in mind that we are talking about game and as such, always run the risk of winning or losing.

We are not responsible for any injury that a player claims to have had by using Spinataque
we do not accept return or refund of any kind, nor ask any commission profits from Spinataque.
Playing at online casinos is always a risk. acquire the system is your decision.
Accountability for results is solely exclisivamento player.

We do not accept any liability or indemnity claims adcionais by players.
The spinataque is just a tool of decision making. Based on statistical calculations, it just
indicates the most likely played out in roulette. There is always the possibility of losing.

The Spinataque not work on laptops or platforms on MAC's.
The Spinataque works only for Windows platforms.

The Spinataque will be delivered to your email without extra expenses within a maximum of 72 hours
after application have been confirmed by the recipient PayPal or Neteller.

There is no other form of payment other than PayPal or Neteller. We accept PayPal
Slips or credit cards. If you do not have a PayPal account or Neteller, we provide here
links for creating your free account.

Create free Paypal account: CLICK HERE
Create free Neteller account: CLICK HERE

The process is simple, just create your PayPal or Neteller account and transfer the amount needed
your account. After your PayPal account balance or be with Neteller,
get the full version as shown below.

All licenses Spinataque are unique and non-transferable. Each license is only for a PC.
All copies of Spinataque is properly recorded and controlled by serial numbers.
Spinataque © is a copyrighted program. Their reproduction, marketing or sale is totally prohibited.
Only the SPINATAQUE ® may resell or authorize a new installation of the software.
If you need to reinstall Spinataque, just send us an email and request a new installation
explaining why you want to reinstall Spinataque. Only after autorizarmos can it
perform a new installation. Otherwise, the version you purchased will crash.

Many countries do not allow the practice of online games for real money.
For this reason, play only in licensed casinos and legalized for your country.
In the website you can find a list
as the best licensed casinos for your country.


- I increased my monthly income by 800 € ...
"I confess I did not think it was possible but after seeing some videos and test the demo version, I decided to take a chance and purchase the full version of Spinataque. On the same day, after installing still full of fear, I enrolled in an online casino stated as reliable. To my surprise in less than four hours I had already tripled the amount that he had set as balance at the casino. The next day I asked the redemption amount and 3 days after the money was in my account. Since then, looked me improve the use of the program and more than 3 years every month I have an income ranging between € 1,200 and € 500. For me it is an important supplement that helps me a lot in my expenses. - José Bonfat - 38 years - Lisbon / PT

- I lost a lot of money playing at casinos ...
"I've always been in love with gambling, the roulette me cause a senssação of power that does not know how to describe. After trying various methods and frustrate me Spinataque met. I am really impressed with what I can do. A private school my two children, We paid with that gain at the roulette wheel, thanks to this program. Need I say more? - Anisio Freitas - 42 years - San Paulo/BR

- I love traveling ....
"I have a degree in architecture and I love to see new places, but the custos of travel are semper mui high. A friend showed me the program, even without understanding anything of casino games, I decided to play. I have made 8 trips to conta what I won playing roulette with the help of Spinataque. " - Isabel Rosário - 26 years - Madrid / ES


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