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Betting on roulette in a casino is no longer just a matter of luck.
With SPINATAQUE, playing roulette in a casino has become a matter of skill.

This is software able to predict the numbers of a roulette. Gamblers from around the world, using the Spinataque

To bet on roulette, you must first know the rules of the type of roulette and casino where vai bet. There are some types of roulette (European roulette, roulette traditional, American roulette, French roulette etc.) Each with its own special features. Basically all roulette tables consist of 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36, some numbers are black and other red. These numbers are distributed in zones for gambling. The zones of a roulette bets are predetermined sites where the player puts their chips, or makes their bets. Depending on the type of roulette bets these areas pay more or less, the chances of hitting a move is higher or lower. Example, have areas of betting understood by even numbers and odd numbers or else by yet a zone that represents all the other red numbers and black numbers. A player places his chips in the red zone and roulette spins, leaving a red number if any he gains twice the amount wagered. Other areas pay more (lines, corners, trios, splits etc ...) but have a smaller amount of numbers and this decreases the chances of hitting the player bet, but the prize is considerably higher.

The Spinataque is a system where the player odds before placing a bet on roulette in a casino, reports the number that was previously drawn in casino roulette. After some reported numbers, the system begins to indicate the moves more provávies exiting this roulette table. The system indicates the moves since they pay less to pay more than the moves as: Lines, Corners, Trios, Splits and even single figures. The bettor Spinataque literally tells you what to do and graphs ploy he could accomplish. No need to know how to play roulette, Spinataque shows how, where and how much to bet.

There are two ways you can bet on a roulette:
Spinataque - Bet on Roulette casinos Spinataque - Play Roulette Spinataque - Winning at Roulette
Without using Spinataque
relying only on their
luck and playing in the dark.
Using Spinataque in casinos and
increase your chances of success
and thus be a winner.

The Spinataque not limited to just suggest moves, he possess mechanisms that attempt to advise the roulette player, when you stop and exit the bet casino you are playing, whether it is winning or losing.

The Spinataque also makes monitoring the available balance in the casino for roulette table that is being used, management of earnings, loss management, provides individualized statistical numbers and statistical customized for group numbers.

The system comes with algorithms that can avoid the effect Martingale thus reducing the chances of a losing gambler. Betting alternatives that do not allow casinos to spin the wheel without betting anything.

Able to identify all existing and possible moves in a roulette, Spinataque is a powerful tool and is essential for anyone wishing to risk his luck on a roulette tables of a casino.

The Spinataque designed to aid decision-making and should not be seen as a miracle or magic tool that will make a roulette player ever hit.

There are other advantages and features available on this system. See ABOUT page, details. We have videos and a demo version available for you to test spinataque - betting system for roulette casinos.

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